Dark Phoenix Saga – The Original Groundwork for AvX


So AvX, what is all the hubbub over this story and why does everyone seem to know what is the best way to handle the approaching Phoenix Force? Let’s take a look at the original classic storyline  – The Dark Phoenix Saga.

Written by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, penciled by John Byrne and inked by Terry Austin. In this epic saga, Jean Grey of the X-Men had been reborn as the powerful new hero known as the Phoenix. As time went by, though, the maxim “all power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” became quite true as Jean’s powers reached a cosmic level and her mind warped into a new, malevolent entity known as the Dark Phoenix. Her teammates on the X-Men are forced to fight against her, during which they seemingly cure her of her affliction. But her powers are still present, and stronger than ever, leading a number of alien races to form a coalition to eliminate Phoenix for fear of her universe-destroying powers. While her teammates defend her, Jean realizes the alien coalition is right – her power is truly dangerous – and she ends her own life for the good of the universe. She dies as she lived: a true hero.

The story arc is filled with some fantastic moments as well as some all-time comic images such as the cover pictured here. Claremont was truly hitting his peak for his depiction of the X-Men and Byrne’s pencils were perfect for the storytelling. If you’ve ever questioned Cyclop’s actions, this gives you all the explanation you’ll ever need.

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