Writers: Lindelof, Larsen and Taylor

Artists: Lemire, Jones and Scott

Haven’t written a review in awhile but couldn’t resist after just finishing this issue. Now I know these stories were originally presented digitally and a lot of us may have read these before the new print version. I’m not a huge Batman fan but all 3 of these stories are worth mentioning. The first story is an early tale of the Batman, just 6 months into his vigilante career. Everyone has a learning curve even Batman as is effectively shown in this story with a large contribution from Alfred. Without giving spoilers, things are not always what they seem. The second story only needs 2 words – Bat-Shark Repellant. If that isn’t enough to draw someone in, the artwork by J.G. Jones is worth the look. The final tale I found most entertaining. Batman seems pretty busy most of the time with his colorful rogues gallery and assorted superhero team-ups but still finds time to address the things that seem to really matter to him on a much smaller scale. Preventative measures to stop  a crime before it occurs would not seem to be a high priority for Batman since he’s always reacting to the latest caper by a villian or crisis but his mind for detail makes the detective a much more complete hero. Not by solving everyone’s problems but by pointing out that we can “Work it out” if it truly is important. If I gave out stars or ratings this would be a 5 out of 5. Maybe it’s because of the smaller page count that makes the creators get to the point with less fluff or maybe we all have a great Batman story inside of us that just needed to get out. Whatever the case, bravo Bat-Folks!