Two Kings Heroclix League Info

We recently launched our new casual friendly initiative that rewards play at Two Kings Comics. If you’re interested in participating, you only need to come in to play and get one of our League books. From there, you’ll receive stamps (as described below) which can be turned in for fabulous prizes.

-1 stamp per match played (in store)
-1 stamp if you bring a new player (for you and new guy)
-1 extra stamp if you attend a paid event (Pre-Release, SOP, ROC)
-6 stamps fill a page
-2 pages can be redeemed for a Tier 1 prize
-10 pages can be redeemed for a Tier 2 prize
-18 pages can be redeemed for a Tier 3 prize
Once a page has been redeemed, it cannot be used again (ie, if you redeem 2 pages for a Tier 1 prize, those can’t be used for a Tier 2 prize later). EXCEPT:
Completed book is good for a special bonus offer. It is a one time offer (so you better use those pages up first).

UPDATE: Two Kings Heroclix F.A.Q.

As always, it’s a good idea to give our FAQ a read through if you never have. But if you have recently, here’s an addition we’re making for Golden Age at Two Kings:

The Yu-Gi-Oh traps/spells are also legal in Golden Age only. … Traps/spells cannot be played with a resource.