List of Upcoming Heroclix Tournaments


400 Point SA 2020 Tournament
Date: 1/17/20
Time: 7 PM

Happy New Year!

Okay, fine, it was two weeks ago. But this is still a great time to look ahead to the future and what’s coming down the pike. So let’s celebrate some of the sets that we already know are coming out in 2020.

Each character on your force must fit one of the following build restrictions:
-Have one of the following keywords: Avengers (and any of the keywords that have Avengers in them), Howling Commandos, SHIELD, Justice League (and any of the keywords that have Justice League in them), Batman Ally, Batman Enemy, Hydra, Soldier, WWE

And that’s it.

Here are the particulars:

-What’s allowed:
Special Objects: Yes
Resources: Yes

-It’s a 400 point build total

-There will be Three 30 minute rounds

-It’s a Silver Age Tournament

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Back to the Future!



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