List of Upcoming Heroclix Tournaments


Avengers Defenders War Pre-ReleaseTournament
Date: 4/28/17
Time: 7:00 PM

Players will have an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the figures from the Marvel HeroClix: Avengers/Defenders War set before official world-wide release! Through the manipulation of Dormammu and Loki, the Avengers and the Defenders are at odds like never before. Play out the conflict amongst your friends with this exciting HeroClix booster pre-release!

deadpoolfcbdNo tournament on 5.5.17


400 Point Rules Preview Silver Age Tournament
Date: 5/19/17
Time: 7:00 PM

We’ve gotta go back…

So, we all know that the new rules are coming some time this summer. In preparation, we’re going to run a few tournaments highlighting aspect of coming changes to give you a feel for them. Remember: the rules changes are not in effect overall. Outside of the specific elements in any of these tournaments, we are still using the rules as they are outlined in the 2015 (’14) Rule Book and Powers and Abilities Card.

For this tournament, we’re tackling Poison, Outwit, Blades/Claws/Fangs, Regen and Support. These are the wordings we will use:

FREE: If this character hasn’t moved or been placed this turn, deal 1 damage to adjacent opposing characters.

FREE: Minimum range value 6. Choose a power (standard or special) and a target opposing character within range and line of fire. The target can’t use the chosen power until your next turn.

When you hit and would deal normal damage during a CLOSE action, you may roll a d6. Deal damage equal to the result instead of normal damage. Minimum result is ‘your printed damage value -1’.

POWER: Roll a d6. Heal a number of clicks equal to half the result (rounded up).

POWER: Choose a target adjacent friendly character. If this character and the target aren’t adjacent to any opposing characters, roll 2d6. Add the result to this character’s attack value, and if that is equal to or higher than the target’s defense value, roll a d6. [1-4]: Heal the target 2 clicks. [5]: Heal the target 3 clicks. [6]: Heal the target 4 clicks. (This is not an attack.)

You don’t have to use characters with any of these powers, but it would be a bit of a wasted opportunity if you didn’t.

And that’s it.

Here are the particulars:

-What’s allowed:
–Special Objects: Yes
–Relics: Yes
–Resources: Yes
–ATAs: No
–Equipment Characters: Yes
–Other (See The FAQ for the full description): No

-It’s a 400 point build total

-There will be three 35 minute rounds

-It’s a Silver Age Tournament

-Read more here

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