List of Upcoming Heroclix Tournaments


Secret Wars: Battleworld Pre-Release
Date: 10/5/18
Time: 7:00 PM

Get your hands on the new Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld up to two weeks before official release!
Marvel HeroClix: Secret Wars Battleworld Pre-Release Event!

Marvel Universes combine to form the collective Battleworld planet in this brand-new HeroClix 5-figure booster set!

There will be something for everyone in this booster set with support for existing themes like Avengers, Asgardians, and Spider-Man Family, as well as plenty of brand new shared traits, new Battleworld themed teams, and more never-before-clixed characters like Alex Wilder, Crystar, Erik Killmonger, and Stick!

Be one of the first to pick up these new figures by checking out a Pre-Release at your friendly local game store!


1000 Point SA Mutant Halloween Tournament
Date: 10/19/18
Time: 7:00 PM


It’s time for that great yearly tradition of the Halloween tournament.

Each character on your force must fit one of the following build restrictions:
-During force construction, you may add a character with the Animal, Monster or Mystical to your force for 25 points. If you do, that character is equipped to another friendly character (that you pay normal point cost for). These characters’ dials are linked and grant the following EFFECT.

EFFECT: At the beginning of your turn or after this character is clicked, you may choose 1 power on the equipped dial and 1 combat value on the equipped dial higher than this character’s same printed combat value. This character can use that power and modifies that combat value by +1 until your next turn or clicked.

These characters follow all normal Equipment rules and are KO’d when they are Unequipped.

And that’s it.

Here are the particulars:

-What’s allowed:
–Special Objects: Yes
–Resources: No

-It’s a 1000 point build total

-There will be three 40 minute rounds

-It’s a Silver Age Tournament

-Read more here

No, wait, trick.

DaysofFuturePast2018StorylineOP-Preview3-400x400Days of Future Past Month 3 Sealed Tournament
Date: 10/26/18
Time: 7:00 PM

The cover of Uncanny X-Men 141 is one of the most iconic pieces of art in all of comics – the cover to part 1 of Days of Future Past quickly communicates to the observer what a dire situation the X-Men are facing.

Starting in Summer 2018, players will get a chance to play at their local gaming store to earn Days of Future Past Wanted Poster ID cards. If players amass enough points across the entire event to become the winner of the entire Storyline OP Event and earn a terrifying and never-before-Clixed Tri-Sentinel!

Marvel HeroClix: Days of Future Past is a three-month Storyline Organized Play event series that will excite the player community and encourage new players to join the fight in Days of Future Past.

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