List of Upcoming Heroclix Tournaments


300 Point GA ROC Winter Meltdown
Date: 3/15/20
Time: 12:30 PM

Here comes the next round of the Winter Meltdown, finally coming to the city of champions.

Entry Fee: $15
A completed Build sheet (found here: must be verified by Joe before 12:30. The store will be opening at 11:30 for build sheet verification.

This tournament will be Golden Age but ONLY characters.

This means:

-You can play any Wizkids produced character from the beginning of Heroclix up to 2020
-You can play standard objects
-You can play Modern Age legal (and ROC legal) maps.
-You can NOT play: equipment, special objects, resources, location bonuses, BFCs, ATAs, Feats, Event dials or anything else that is not a character (this includes Sideline and Outside of the Game effects)

All Golden Age effects will be ruled in line with the documents found here:

Prizing: ROC Win-a-Map contents plus the winner will receive free entry into the 2020 Winter Meltdown Championship! And if enough people show up, there may even be some bonus prizing.

And that’s it.

Here are the particulars:

-It’s a 300 point build total

-There will be a number of Swiss Rounds and top cut based on ROC rules

-It’s a Golden Age Tournament (characters only)


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