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Two Kings Comics is proud to stock the entire line of Heroclix products from WizKids. Every Friday night, we close the store at 7 PM (or some times 6:30) and bring out the folding tables and Heroclix maps for a few hours of good natured gaming and fun. The tournaments will be posted ahead of time both here and on our official Facebook page.

You can also follow the store and register for events on the Wizkids Information Network

Current Rules (available for download)

List of Upcoming Heroclix Tournaments 

Assembled below is a list of common questions and resources for our lovely Heroclix players. If you have any that you would like added, feel free to drop us a line.

Modern Age Team Abilities

Joe’s Legacy Document Page

Joe’s Silver Age Update 1.0

Why should I register on the Wizkids Information Network (WIN)?

Wizkids has put a lot of time and work into creating an easily accessible platform that helps stores like us as well as players like you. In return, they are using that data to make sure everyone has the best time they can. The amount of product we can order, special events and prizes we can offer to you are based on our attendance as reported on the WIN. We will always work hard to make sure that you do not have to register for anything, but doing so helps all of us. And the most you get is a weekly e-mail or two from Wizkids.

What should I bring to a tournament?
The required materials for any tournament are fairly straight forward. You should bring your team for the night’s tournament. You should bring two six sided dice as well as action tokens*. While it is not required, a print out of the current Powers and Abilities card is recommended. And if you are unfamiliar, copies of the current DC and Marvel Team abilities descriptions will prove helpful. You should also have something noting your team’s point total. You will be asked for this after the first round of play, so a notation will make it easier on you to answer. And last, but certainly not least, you should bring a great attitude. This is, after all, just a game and we’re all here to have fun.

*Action tokens are small items that are placed next to figures in order to show that they have taken a non-free action that round. They are always placed on the figure once the action is declared and are to be cleared only once the player’s turn is over (so long as the figure did not receive an action token that turn). Everyone is free to use action tokens that they prefer so long as they are easy for opponents to see and not confusing.

When should I show up for a tournament?
The latest it is suggested for anyone to arrive for a tournament is 10 minutes before the stated start time. That allows everyone enough time for proper set up, to feel comfortable before the start of the tournament and helps us move through the pairing process easier. However, if real life gets in the way and you think you’ll be coming in as the tournament is starting, a phone call or e-mail can be a massive help.

What are the ages?
Officially, there are two ages: Modern Age and Silver Age. These are a short hand way to describe what figures are legal. There is also a retired age that we may use from time to time, Golden Age. There is also a third age that we use at Two Kings: Regal Age.

What is Modern Age?
Modern Age is the “current” and most common age which is legal at official Wizkid sanctioned events (like at conventions). The official Wizkids listing of Modern Age Elements can be found at this link. Anything considered Modern Age by Wizkids is considered Modern Age by Two Kings.

What is Silver Age?
Silver Age is a new Heroclix Age (the first new official one in around 15 years). All sets from Superior Spider-Man forward are legal in Silver. The easy way to tell this is, if the character dial is printed on the back of the character card, it is legal in Silver Age.

What is Regal Age?
Regal Age is a “go-between” age. It allows all Heroclix figures created by Wizkids (excluding purple ring figures) to be played. Also, Regal Age allows any Wizkids bystander tokens to be played. However, only 3D special objects and resources can be played (the old cardboard special objects are only legal in Golden Age). Standard objects (3D or otherwise) are always legal.

What is Golden Age?
Golden Age is, in short, “anything goes.” Any Heroclix piece made (including special objects, figures, bystander tokens, feats, battlefield conditions and purple ring figures) is legal to be played in a Golden Age tournament. The Yu-Gi-Oh traps/spells are also legal in Golden Age only. We do have a minor tweak for Golden Age tournaments at Two Kings, however. In Golden Age, if you play a resource, you cannot use feats. If you use feats, you cannot play a resource. Traps/spells cannot be played with a resource.

What about ATAs?
ATAs (or Additional Team Abilities) are legal in both Regal and Golden Age tournaments.

What is a Resource?
A resource is a special item that is assigned to a character or your entire force. Currently, the resources are the Infinity Gauntlet, Batman’s utility belt, the Bat Cave, the Penguin (from No Man’s Land), the Book of the Skull, the Mandarin’s Power Plant, The Phoenix Force,The Lantern Power Batteries, Pandora’s Box, Rock of Eternity, Avengers Round Table, Justice League Transporter and anything that refers to itself as a resource.

What does it mean when Special Objects aren’t allowed?
It means at no point in the tournament, can a special object be a part of your force. Whether they count towards your force or not, whether they count towards your object total or not, whether they begin the game equipped to a character or are brought in by a character after the game has begun.

The exception to this are relics that behave as resource attachments on a resource, as long as resources are legal in that tournament.

What happened to Ultra objects?
Wizkids decided to remove them from Modern Age. Thanks in part to the new design philosophy, we decided to remove them completely. Ultra Heavies and Ultra Lights are not legal in any age at Two Kings. If you still have some you’re attached to, they will simply be treated as their standard counter parts (ie, ultra light = light, ultra heavy = heavy).

What about Maps?
Any 2’x3′ map with modern coloring is legal at Two Kings. For special events, we may limit maps to just Modern, Silver, etc. but if there are no notes, just bring a map you like.


Have more questions?
If you have questions about upcoming tournaments, e-mail Joe:
If you have questions about the availability of Heroclix product, e-mail Craig:  twokingscomics@rochester.twcbc.com

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