Heroclix Update: Rulebook Errata

Hello you lovely Heroclix players. Wizkids has released an errata for the core rulebook and I thought I’d take a moment to walk you through it.

The errata is as follows:

On page 17 of the 2014 Heroclix rulebook under “Winning the Game”:

A HeroClix game ends when any one of the following situations occurs:

• Only one player (or zero players) has characters left on their force after all current actions have been resolved, OR


So, what does this actually mean to you, the great players of Two Kings? Let me give you an example.

  • If King Tut uses his Elaborate Deathtrap on his opponent’s last figure, Batman, the game will NOT end. Instead, King Tut’s controller will complete his turn. Then, play will pass to his opponent who will then use the Escape Deathtrap ability. If his opponent succeeds, they will place Batman per the Escape Deathtrap ability and continue play. If his opponent fails, Batman will take damage and if he is not KO’ed, clear action tokens. And then play will pass back to King Tut’s controller. This will continue until Batman escapes or is KO’ed.
  • If Krampus captures his opponent’s last character, Robin, the game will not end. Instead, when it is Robin’s turn he will clear tokens. Then play will return to Krampus. In this scenario, the game will not end until Krampus has released all his captives, even if there are no opposing figures on the map.
  • If Grasshopper is the last character of his controller’s on the map and uses MAXIMUM JUMP! the game will not end. Instead, Grasshopper will be removed from the map and the opponent will take their turn. Next turn, Grasshopper will be placed back onto the map with both his action tokens.

I’m sure there will be new powers and effects that will play into this in the future, but that’s the extent of it for now.



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