The Results are In! Fear Itself – Month 5

Again, the champions of the Mighty and the Worthy battled. And once again, one side was victorious.

The Mighty and the Worthy fought in the Pacific Ocean and the ruins of once mighty Asgard, with Yggdrasil standing vigil over the battle. And though all the combatants fought bravely, it was ultimately the Worthy that won the day by the skin of their nose.

With three victories, the Worthy are perched for the ultimate win. Going into the final month, will they finally crush the Mighty and bring fear to reign for all time? Or will the heroes of the Mighty rally one last time to bring the battle to a stand still and hopefully, one day, push the Worthy back? And perhaps, it will be whosoever controls the Serpent that ultimately decides the fate of the Earth.

We’ll all find out in just a few weeks. And may Odin have mercy on our souls.


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