Two Kings Go to the Movies: Man of Steel

“You can save them all.”

The day is here. The new Superman movie from the man behind the Dark Knight trilogy is finally upon us. And, as you can tell from the date I’m posting this, I was not satisfied to wait.

Now before anyone gets fidgety, there aren’t going to be any spoilers in here. That’s not how I operate. The only slightly spoilerish things will be those that have been in trailers. So if you’ve gone completely deaf and blind on this movie, you should probably just wait to see it before reading on.

So, back to the movie. Let’s get my complaints right out in front so that we can all be on the same page here.

Not enough beard.

Don’t get me wrong, there was quite a bit of quality beard time. And Jor-El is rocking the beard like a champion scientist should. And even Zod has a little goatee action. But c’mon! Bearded Superman!

And that’s it.

Not to oversell the point, but this is the Superman movie I’ve been waiting for. It has action, the effects are incredibly well done and on the visceral level, the movie delivers. You get to see lots of punching and collateral damage.

But at its heart, it is still all about what Superman should be. About hope. About rising to the challenge. About doing what’s right. And most importantly, about two fathers trying to give their son all that they can: the promise of a better world than the one they’re leaving him.

I like Henry Cavill. I like him as Superman, I like him as hobo Kent, and I like him as classic Clark. He has the right mixture of tenacity, earnestness and downright joy to be a great Superman.

And that’s another minor detail that made me happy. Superman smiles. When he is not saving the world or fighting enemies from another lifetime, he takes joy in the wonder of his gifts.

And Superman uses the pseudonym Joe at one point.

Just saying.

Rating: 4.3/5

As if you needed me to remind you that Man of Steel is in theaters now. And if you want great Superman stories, come in and randomly grab one off the shelf. Honestly, this is big blue’s 75th anniversary, he has more classic stories than some series have issues.

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