Heroclix No Man’s Land Update

The numbers have been crunched, the battles have been surveyed and the results are in.

We at Two Kings are tracking the results locally and keeping with how we handle all matters Heroclix, we’ve split the gangs across Junior/Senior lines. First up, we have the Senior map of Gotham after Month 3.

Month 1 and 2 both went to the Joker Gang, bringing the Clown Prince of Crime’s unique brand of manic shenanigans to Blackgate Prison and Wayne Manor. However, in month 3 Killer Croc’s Gang made a strong showing, taking control of the power plant.

Now, let’s take a look at the Juniors:

The Juniors shook out a little difference. Gotham City’s finest took back Blackgate Prison in month 1, all the better to lock up Gotham’s vilest. In month 2, it seems as though the Joker Gang is bound and determined to hold onto the Wayne estate, and month 3 saw the GCPD make sure that all of Gotham will be able to keep its lights on.

We are now officially half way through No Man’s Land. Will the other gangs take any turf? Will the Joker continue to hound the Bat at home? And why doesn’t Mad Hatter get more love?

To find out, tune in same Two Kings time, same Two Kings channel!

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