What I’m Reading: The Originals

What am I reading?

The Originals by Dave Gibbons. Gibbons, for the uninitiated, was the artist on the infamous Watchmen. In The Originals Gibbons is channeling 50s gang movies (with greaser rock and rollers and New Wave devotees filling the roles of rival gangs), his British upbringing, and the slight near future thinking that he helped bring to Watchmen.

As I tend to say, I can never have enough Dave Gibbons art in my life. But he also handled writing duties on this collection, making it the must read for me that I’ve somehow put off for months.

Plus, I’m a sucker for the “best friends, torn apart by a woman” story.

The Originals was published by Vertigo comics and remains in print as a trade paperback.

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