Top 5 Batman Villians as Voted on by YOU!

While this in-store vote was a bit of a runaway by the obvious choice, it does show what villians we want to see in our Bat-books. On to the results –

Those receiving just 1 vote: Catman, Talia, Mad Hatter, KGBeast, Prometheus, Calculator Azrael, Batzarro and Holiday Killer.

2 Votes: Killer Moth

3 Votes:Hush, Mr. Freeze and Court of Owls

5 Votes: Penguin, Harley Quinn and Crazy Quilt

6 Votes: Poison Ivy, Red Hood and Clayface

7 Votes: Killer Croc

8 Votes: Ra’s Al Ghul and Two-Face

And the Top 5 are….

#5 Scarecrow

#4 Catwoman

#3 Bane

#2 Riddler  I truly believe that this is the Bat-villian that needs some exposure. He’s as smart as Batman and could be the one that is involved in enough plans and schemes to truly be a thorn to the Caped Crusader.

#1 The Joker  of course…..

Thanks for the input from everyone and be sure to put in your votes for the next list. (Hint: Why does it always have to be kids?)

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